Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sometimes McDonalds

I have not wrote since we found out baby #2 is a boy. I love him. But I do have to admit, at the time, I was a little sad. I knew it would pass, but I just needed some alone time to mourn the "mother of the bride" thing and the other mom-daughter things. And then I was on to the Henry thing of having a brother and sharing a room and fighting and bunk beds. I have always wanted my kids to have same-sex siblings, so here it is. He is my hearts desire and I am so very excited.

He likes to move it move it just like his brother.
Henry is so sweet already.
And I am big during 25th week.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who knows?

At this point, God.
Tomorrow, hopefully us.
Boy or Girl.
People ask what I want.
My PC answer--a healthy baby
My answer last year...boy. Same sex siblings are my thing.
My answer today...girl. I want someone to like me most when they are 32.
My answer tomorrow...I want this baby.

Friday, November 20, 2009

16 weeks...almost

So I went for my 16 week appointment today.
I will actually be 16 weeks on Monday according to my new due date.
May 10th.
I love my doctor(s).
Today Doctor Mourad, gave me a heart to heart about getting the second trimester prenatal screen that one gets to check for Downs Syndrome, Spina Bifida etc. It was a great conversation and I wanted to roll him in a little ball and stick him in my pocket.
We heard the heartbeat and the doctor said and I quote, "feisty one." Great. Just by the heartbeat. Super.
Two more weeks until we find out the gender.
And I have a little bump.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

You guys are in BIG TROUBLE

Says our OBGYN as we are looking at baby #2 dance as the doctor looks for its heart beat. Just like brother. Lots of energy and only 12 weeks. Obviously, I am relieved that this baby is healthy and showing us that he/she is happy, but isn't #2 supposed to be calm if #1 wasn't.
I am thankful and nervous.
As Dory would say...JUST KEEP SWIMMING!
By the way, doctors prediction=BOY.
My mom's prediction=GIRL

Monday, October 12, 2009

So you were right, are you happy now?

When I was pregnant with henry, people would ask if i was sick i would say, "Not really." and then they would say, "oh, next time you will be really sick" or I was not showing for a long time and they would say, "oh, the next pregnancy you will get bigger faster." i sometimes felt like people secretly wanted my pregnancy to be miserable. it wasnt, I loved it i wanted to have a million kids, so i could be pregnant a million times.

WELL PEOPLE YOU GOT YOUR WISH! i have been trying really hard to wish myself into feeling good these past 7-8 weeks of nausiation (yes, I made up that word) and constipation and hemorrhoids and being sick and back hurting. i know some people have it a lot worse, but for me this has not been a pleasant time. it is all worth it, i know and i would do these weeks over again if i had to, but I sure hope this ends when my first trimester is over...TWO WEEKS TO GO. PLEASE GO QUICKLY!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

touch it once

this is my new motto when it comes to raw meat, well maybe touch it twice. once at the store and once at home. and maybe it is not touch it once, but look at it once.

i feel sick even thinking of it. i do not like to smell it, see it or cook it and i barely like to eat it.

last pregnancy, Ryan worked for YL--he cooked. on mondays, we had a team dinner and someone would cook a delicious meal for the YL team. if Ryan had a game or event at night, he would cook before he went. boohoo. now even if I wanted him to cook, he does not get home until 6:15 and we cannot wait for that. so, alas, i cook and make faces and hold my breath

today i ate raviolis at school from a big can...i never do this. I snuck into the kitchen and almost inhaled the left overs. Dani asked me if i wanted a straw for the sauce, little did she know i actually had that image in my head. weird times

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Okay, little unknown secret about me and pregnancy. I LOVE maternity pants. I am sorry to all you out there who despise them, but I embrace them. It is utter FREEDOM to have that elastic waist band giving me room and support. AND above all else, who wants to mess with buckles and buttons when you are going to the bathroom a hundred times a day.

Next question please? Am i currently wearing them? Oh ya. At 7 weeks you say and I say yes, yes, yes. I may not be showing, but my butt is growing. And have I mentioned I love them. I so love them.
welcome back maternity clothes welcome back